Alcohol Seller/Server Certification - State Approved

Many States in the U.S. require a seller/server certificate, permit or license before a person can legally sell or serve alcohol. Even if your State does not require  seller/server training most companies hold liability insurance where employees must undertake an alcohol safety certification program.

To acquire a bartender safety, alcoholic beverage safety or responsible alcohol vendor certification you must take a seller server alcohol safety course.


Cannabis Handler & Budtender Certification

Opportunity for Food Safety Managers/Trainees

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EduClassess Launches Newly Enhanced Group Order System has added new features to the (SSC) group order system to help business owners and managers manage their group order purchases.

The new enhanced group order system allows the purchaser to view the purchase details which include the purchase information, the access codes, the code expiration date, the status of the codes in regards to if the codes are available, redeemed or completed.

You can also share codes with other managers and email codes to your employees and print their (SSC) certificate of completion.

Follow this link to learn more about the SSC Group Order system or to get your organization set up with it's own SSC Corporate account.