Giving Pass Key and Codes to Employees

In order for your employees to use the codes, they must:

  • First go to the website and click sign up to create a profile of their own.
  • Next, they will then need to enter the pass key you created, along with one of the codes you purchased under your Manager Choice account, then click Redeem.
  • After they redeem a code, they will need to click the study button beside the course you purchased for them.         
  • Next they will be required to select and provide answers for 12 Personal Verification Questions (PVQ). A PVQ question will be asked 3 times in each module. If the PVQ is entered incorrectly more than 3 times within a module, they will fail and have to repurchase the course or use another access code.

Personal verification questions imager

  • The study area consists of 4 modules each containing sections that your employees must read. Each section has a countdown timer that must reach zero before the section will be marked as studied with a green check-mark.
  • Section before study. Timer has not reached zero:   
  • Section after study. Timer has reached zero:   
  • At the end of each module your employee will need to take a Knowledge Check. They must correctly answer 4 out of 5 of the Knowledge Check questions in order to proceed. If they fail the knowledge check, the will be required to restudy the module before they can test again. If the fail the knowledge check 3 times, they will fail the course and be required to repurchase the course or use another access code to continue.
  • Once all modules have been successfully completed, they will be able to take the final exam by clicking the Final Exam button. Your employees will have 2 opportunities to pass the final exam.
  • Your employees can also access the test and study material by selecting courses from the menu.
  • Your employee's seller server certificate will open in a new window so you can print it.
  • To see what your certificate will look like and an explanation of the information it contains, click  Certificate Sample.


Notice: You will be able to view who has used their code under the Access Codes area of the View Group Purchases page.