SSC now offers a Bulk Order System

Owners and Managers - With the SSC bulk order system you can now purchase seller server certificates and alcohol safety educational courses for all your staff ensuring that your place of business complies with State seller-server certificate requirements.

To get started please select your location and create a free account

How To Make A Bulk Purchase
A step by step guide outlining how to use bulk order purchasing to obtain seller server certificates for all your staff. 

About Redeemable Codes For Employees
Everything you and your employees need to know in order to use redeemable access codes and pass keys.

Managing Your Group Orders
Information on our group order management page which allows you to view the details of each group order you make. The details will include purchase information, the access codes, the code expiration date, the status of the code in regards to if the code is available, redeemed or completed. This area also allows you to share codes with other managers and email codes to your employees and print their seller server certificates.

Corporate Group Order System
SSC offers corporate entities the opportunity to have their own seller server training portal with no additional cost to your company.