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ILLINOIS BASSET Alcohol Seller Server Training

Illinois Basset - Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) Provider Program,

The SellerServerClasses Beverage Alcoholic Sellers and Servers Education and Training Program (BASSET) is Illinois Liquor Control Commission compliant. 

Beverage Alcoholic Sellers and Servers Education and Training seller server (Bartender, Drinks Service) certification from is the best way to get safe server training online.

NOTICE: As of July 1, 2018, BASSET training will be mandatory in the State of Illinois for all servers, bartenders and security personnel!

  • ILLINOIS: How do I get a bartender permit, license or card in Illinois?

    Visit and get your Illinois BASSET Alcohol Server Card:

    (1) Order your Alcoholic Beverage Server Safety training course.
    (2) Study the course educational material (2-3 hours)
    (3) Take the course assessment test (30 min - 1 hour)
    (4) Print your temporary Illinois Seller Server Card
    (5) ILCC mails you your BASSET Card is the best way to get your Bartender Alcohol Server Card.

  • ILLINOIS: How do I get a Food Handlers Permit in Illinois?

    Visit and take your ANSI accredited food handler certification training course: is the easiest way to get your ANSI food handlers certificate for Illinois.

Illinois BASSET Certificate Explanation

Illinois BASSET Certificate Sample

The following information shows where you will find certain information on your SSC Seller Server certificate.

  1. Student name.
  2. SSC Trainer Signature.
  3. Date Course Completed & Certificate Expiration Date.
  4. Seller Server Classes (SSC) Certificate Number.
  5. Provider #.
  6. BASSET ID #.

Approved by Illinios Liqour Control Commission

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